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What are the different types of laser skin treatments?

Time, sun exposure, and other factors take their toll on our skin, causing freckles, brown spots, and wrinkles. Over time, our skin suffers damage below the surface as well. As a result, laser skin treatments have become very popular for facial rejuvenation. But there are different types of lasers, so it’s important to choose the procedure that is designed to address your specific concerns.

Ablative lasers scrub off the epidermis (ablate means to scrape) to reveal new, fresher-looking cells. Before, old-school ablative techniques were CO2-based and very harsh on the skin. Non-ablative lasers use heat to target subsurface layers of the dermis, mainly to eliminate hyperpigmentation and tighten skin.  

Both types of lasers stimulate your body’s natural production of elastin and collagen, the structural elements of our skin. As we age, production of these vital compounds slow down and our skin loses elasticity and its vibrant tone. So while laser skin treatments can work to refresh your skin’s visual appearance on the outside, they can also refresh your ongoing ability to produce new cells to maintain a more youthful look.

Ablative Lasers

As you can imagine, lasers that scrape can be intense. Results can be dramatic after just one treatment, but because the procedure works by wounding the entire surface, recovery can take up to two weeks. In addition to erasing freckles and other spots and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, ablative lasers can also help:

  •         Tighten crepey or saggy skin
  •         Reduce visibility of acne scars
  •         Improve the appearance of deep wrinkles

Fractional Ablative Lasers

Instead of acting on the entire surface of the procedure area, fractional ablative lasers offer a kinder, gentler level of treatment. They are designed to target just a portion of the surface, in a pixelated pattern. The process treats enough of the surface to make a visible difference, but because much of the surface is untouched, the healing process is faster so you have less downtime. In fact, treatments stimulate cell renewal throughout the procedure area.  

This gentler approach produces less dramatic results, so it will take multiple sessions to achieve your goal. Patients who want less downtime often find this option fits their work and/or personal schedules quite nicely.

Non-Ablative Lasers

BBL (broadband light) and standard lasers penetrate to a specific depth to repair damaged skin without scraping the surface. The process is comparatively gentle, with little to no downtime. In the days following treatment, minute “cell debris” inside the skin will rise to the surface and be washed away, while new cells take their place. People use non-ablative lasers to correct less severe skin damage such as:

  •         Fine lines and wrinkles
  •         Shallow scarring
  •         Dark spots
  •         Early sun damage

Before & After with BBL



And then there is Halo

Halo is in a class by itself because it uses dual fractional technology – combining fractional ablative plus non-ablative lasers – to deliver two-in-one results. It heats and scrapes at the same time, in order to treat both shallow and deeper skin issues simultaneously. Even better, you’re able dial either part of the treatment up or back, based on your precise needs and the amount of downtime you can afford.

Halo treatments are straightforward. Aestheticians apply a numbing cream to the procedure area to keep you comfortable, then the procedure itself will take about 30-45 minutes. Following the treatment you’ll need to apply an ice pack.

There will be some initial redness, but usually just for a couple of days. After that, you can go back to using makeup. Some patients also see dark spots in the procedure area at first, but these will also disappear within a week or two.


Before & After with Halo




Why choose Be CLINICAL for laser skin treatments?

Two reasons, both of them very important:

  1. Our clinic is not a “spa.” We are an integrated practice offering both medicine and aesthetics. Our aestheticians are highly trained professionals, committed to providing the safest, most effective, and personalized services in our comfortable office environment.
  2. Our skilled physicians and our medical director, believes in taking a whole-you approach to health and well-being. Rather than suggesting random “à la carte” treatments to address certain skin or other issues, she partners with each patient to develop a holistic plan to optimize your physical health as well as your personal appearance.

Are laser skin treatments right for you? The best way to find out is to schedule a private consultation. Why not do that now, and get one step closer to fresher-looking, more vibrant facial skin.


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