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No More Lines and Wrinkles!

   Botox Treatments in San Ramon

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Botox® is a popular, proven solution for women and men who want to slow or reverse visual effects of aging. By injecting small amounts of Botox® into underlying muscles, we can reduce the formation of dynamic wrinkles – those caused by facial movement. Results are natural-looking, yet they can dramatically improve your appearance.

Botox® can prevent wrinkles from forming in younger adults and restore a more youthful appearance as you age. You can achieve and maintain the look you want to see, and retain the expressiveness that defines you as an individual. Also, check out our combination of fillers and Botox for greater results!

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Experience the BeCLINICAL Difference

Safety and skill are crucial when choosing your Botox® provider. At BeCLINICAL, you get greater peace of mind because we are a full-service medical practice. Dr. Fiona Frie not only has professional expertise you can trust, she takes a whole-you approach to health and well-being. You get more than a provider, you get a partner dedicated to helping you maintain your health and appearance.

Fiona Frie

Beautifully Tailored Treatments, Just for You

As popular as Botox® is, we focus on what’s right for you as an individual. Botox® may be all you want or need, but it can also be an ideal complement to dermal fillers and other treatment options. We know you want to look and feel your best – youthful and healthy, inside and out.

At BeCLINICAL, you get a treatment plan personally tailored to your face, age, lifestyle, and aesthetic goals.

Why Wait?

Don’t go another day seeing those lines and wrinkles in the mirror. Whether you’re ready to get started looking younger, or it’s time for a Botox® refresher, it’s easy to schedule an appointment with Dr. Frie. .

Botox® treatment sessions are short and convenient, with no downtime. While you’re visiting, ask about how we can partner with you to create a personalized skin rejuvenation plan

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