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Cosmetic Laser Treatments in San Ramon


Forever Young

Using Sciton®’s incredible BBL (BroadBand Light™) technology, Dr. Fiona Frie and the Be CLINICAL team are able to help men and women address their various skin concerns and do away with the pesky signs of aging. With an emphasis on better, more natural-looking results, Dr. Frie combines the benefits of BBL skin rejuvenation with our own pre- and post-treatment dermatology services to optimize each patient’s individual treatment. Our Be FLAWLESS! skin treatments are personalized to help correct common skin imperfections, such as age spots, freckles, and sun damage. Click here to learn more.

Be-YOND AGE! with Halo™

Halo Laser

Using Sciton®’s Halo dual fractional laser treatment, plus Be CLINICAL’s combination of pre- and post-treatment dermatology services, Dr. Fiona Frie is able to provide her Danville patients with remarkable skin rejuvenating benefits. Our Be-YOND AGE! skin treatment can help achieve just about any skin goal—big or small. Click here to learn more.

diVa® Vaginal Therapy


As a woman ages, her body undergoes a variety of different changes. Sometimes, these changes can lead to lower levels of self-confidence, lack of intimacy, or even physical pain. DiVa is an incredible laser vaginal therapy treatment by Sciton®, designed to solve a woman’s most intimate concerns and give her back her life. Click here to learn more.

Be STUNNING! with SkinTyte II™ & BBL™


As we get older, our skin develops various imperfections and loses its youthful tightness and firmness. Using Sciton’s incredible BBL and SkinTyte II laser treatements, Dr. Fiona Frie has developed a multi-focused treatment to help her Danville patients rejuvenate and tighten their skin for stunning, natural-looking outcomes. Click here to learn more.

ProFractional™ Laser Resurfacing

ProFractional laser resurfacing combines the best of both worlds, offering men and women maximum skin rejuvenating results with less downtime than other resurfacing treatments. The ProFractional laser by Sciton can help restore a youthful and healthy appearance of the skin by addressing common signs of aging or skin damage. Click here to learn more.