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How Our Weight Loss Program Works

The 3 Steps to Be LYTE NOW!

1. BeGIN!

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, BEGIN IT. Boldness has GENIUS, POWER and MAGIC in it!” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

If you dream of being slimmer–fitting into those smaller clothes and looking great – then you CAN DO IT!

  • Book a Be LYTE Health Appointment.
  • You will have a complete medical evaluation including a Physical Exam, a Body Composition/Metabolic Analysis, and an EKG.
  • We will decide if labs need to be ordered. It may be as simple as getting your thyroid and hormones optimized!
  • We develop a personalized weight reduction plan for you. We will recommend a tailored combination of diet, weight loss medication, oral supplements, and offer injection therapies weekly to boost your energy.
  • This plan will be SIMPLE. SIMPLE diet plans – based on REAL food and REAL FDA-Approved medications that are clinically proven to get your weight off!
  • Based on our evaluation of your health and your personal goals, we offer the hCG Diet If you want to progress even faster.


You will check in with us weekly or every other week.

We’d prefer to see you weekly as this is the time we will renew your strength and support you with encouragement. With your personal mentor, you can discuss challenges and set goals so your next week meets with successful.

We reassess your body composition and metabolic rate, make adjustments to your program, based on progress, and can provide B12 injections for extra energy.

If you can’t come in, we can answer emails, speak on the phone, or do a telemedicine video conference.


Once off, the weight needs to stay off!

As you near your target weight, we gradually transition you from your weight loss diet to a long term program. This is done by decreasing and then eliminating your weight loss medication and focusing on healthy eating habits and exercise.

We are partners for the longterm. We will continue to encourage you to eat sensibly, keep active, and BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU! If we see that you are starting to regain weight, we are able to quickly re-start the program and keep you at an optimal weight.

Program Details

Your monthly subscription Includes:

  • Initial Be LYTE consultation with a physician
  • Weekly Encouragement and Goal Setting visit with your personal coach at Be CLINICAL
  • This can be done (In person or via HIPAA compliant video call (Telemedicine), email or phone call)
  • Weekly Body Composition testing and tracking
  • Weekly Basal Metabolic Rate Assessment – and plan adjustment, if needed
  • Weekly supplies of Appetite Suppressant Medications
  • hCG injections to accelerate weight loss (optional)
  • Weekly B12 Injection (optional)
  • Weekly supplies of protein shakes as meal substitutes (optional)