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KYBELLA Treatments in San Ramon

When diets and exercise don't work. Choose KYBELLA to target and eliminate fat.

Genetics, aging and unhealthy eating can all be causes of fat that accumulates in hard to target areas. The fat that accumulates under the chin is one of these areas as is known as submental fullness. Yes, the dreaded double chin. Luckily, there is KYBELLA.

KYBELLA is an injectable treatment that is FDA approved to treat and reduce stubborn fat under the chin area. KYBELLA destroys fat cells permanently and is our preferred treatment for fat reduction in hard to lose areas.

The causes of fat under the chin and in other hard to target areas can be a result of:

  • Genetics
  • Aging
  • Overweight

Submental fullness (fat under the chin) can reduce jawline definition and make you look older.

Fat under the chin can destroy your jawline and make you look overweight, older and unhealthy. KYBELLA is ideal to target and reduce fat under the chin and regain your youthful more defined look.


KYBELLA is an ideal treatment when fat loss is not occuring through regular exercise and healthier eating.

It can be extremely difficult to target fat with regular exercise. When losing weight by exercise or healthier eating, weight loss will not occur as quickly as you'd like in certain areas. Certain fat will stubbornly remain in a particular area even even though you're losing weight. This can lead to frustration and possibly giving up a healthier lifestyle.

KYBELLA is non-surgical, has limited down-time and can be done within an hour.

At Be CLINICAL, KYBELLA treatments are offered due to the high effectiveness at reducing fat. There aren't many treatments outside of liposuction, that can target fat in areas. It's ideal for someone that wants results and doesn't want surgery. Multiple treatments might be needed to reach desired result.

KYBELLA provides an innovative way to lose fat without surgery.

We love bringing the most innovative medical aesthetic treatments to our clients at Be CLINICAL. KYBELLA is one that is frequently requested and is asked for all areas of stubborn and hard to lose fat. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your problem areas and we'll recommend how KYBELLA can help you achieve the look you want.

KYBELLA Treatments in San Ramon 

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KYBELLA® is a popular treatment for fat reduction. It is non-surgical and comes with little to no downtime.

KYBELLA® is an ideal treatment for those with submental fullness under the chin. It is the first and only injectable that was created to target the double chin.

Even with exercise and healthy eating, this area of fat is one of the hardest to lose. KYBELLA® treatments are quick and relatively painless. It's a great alternative to surgery. The results are gradual and come over time but are real and permanent.


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Beautifully Tailored Treatments, Just for You

KYBELLA® has become one of our most popular treatments and we provide KYBELLA® treatments on a daily basis. We know that losing fat can be challenging and it can sometimes go beyond eating health. You might even been fighting genetics and that just isn't fair. We know you want to look and feel your best – youthful and healthy, inside and out. Come visit us in San Ramon.

At Be CLINICAL, you get a treatment plan personally tailored to your face, age, lifestyle, and aesthetic goals.

Why Wait?

Don’t go another day seeing those lines and wrinkles in the mirror. Whether you’re ready to get started looking younger, or it’s time for a Botox® refresher, it’s easy to schedule an appointment at Be CLINICAL.

KYBELLA sessions are short and convenient, with no downtime. While you’re visiting, ask about how we can partner with you to create a personalized KYBELLA treatment plan.

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