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Voluminous Lips with Fillers

We offer lip injections with dermal fillers to add volume, plump and shape lips. Our injectable techniques allow us to provide the results you want.

Dermal fillers are clear like gels that are injected into the lips to add volume, shape and fill in lines.

Lip volume peaks near the age of 18 and as we age, volume loss occurs. In some cases, genetics simply don't give us our ideal lips. Precise injections can place filler exactly where it's needed to result an ideal look.

We carry the most preferred dermal filler brands for lip injections. Combined with our highly experienced medical injectors, we are able to deliver results that exceed expectations.

Filler Types for Lips


The best selling dermal filler in the US. JUVÉDERM is one of the preferred fillers for lip treatments due to its effectiveness and how long it can last for. There are multiple types of JUVÉDERM and our expert medical team will recommend the ideal type based on the look you'd like to achieve.


RESTYLANE has become a chosen filler for lip injections because of its natural looking volume it is able to provide.

When injected into the lips, RESTYLANE is able to provide subtle, natural looking lips. Results can last up to more than a year.

Lip Fillers at Be CLINICAL

We Love Treating Lips and Aim to Deliver Results

At Be CLINICAL, results matter. We aim for each lip filler injectable treatment to be pleasant and to result in the look that you want. We'll listen and recommend the ideal filler type and injectable technique to get you the ideal lips you're looking for.

Lips are one of the most treated areas with fillers and we can deliver natural looking results or a much more enhanced look. Start by scheduling a consultation today.