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PRP Treatment for Men in San Ramon

We call it our Priapus Shot used for Men’s Sexual Health and Penile Rejuvenation

Each year, hundreds of thousands of men struggle with the effects of erectile dysfunction. Not only does this often negatively impact a man’s sex life, but it can also take a toll on his self-confidence and overall life satisfaction. If you’ve tried other ED treatments but are unsatisfied with the results, our PRP Priapus Shot treatment may be the right solution for you.

For men whose erectile dysfunction is associated with blood vessel integrity or nerve degeneration, PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy could help achieve stronger erections and increased sensation. During your private consultation with Dr. Fiona Frie, she will carefully analyze your physical condition to determine if you are a good candidate for the Priapus Shot treatment.

When injected into the penis, concentrated platelets taken from your blood can help regenerate the microcapillary system and stimulate the regrowth of sensory nerves. Prior to injection, a numbing cream will be used to desensitize the penis and minimize any pain or discomfort during treatment. Dr. Frie will then inject the PRP into the shaft and head of the penis. Once your treatment is complete, you will experience little downtime and temporary bruising—you can even resume sexual intercourse within just 1-2 days!

Your Priapus Shot will help to provide you with:

  • Increased penile sensation
  • Stronger, firmer erections
  • Improved confidence
  • Better sex life