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San Ramon & San Francisco Bay Area

Be CLINICAL is an evidence based medical and aesthetic clinic serving the San Francisco Bay Area. Specializing in preventative aging and aesthetic enhancements—we offer both medical and aesthetic treatments for full, comprehensive care. Our physician owned and operated San Ramon clinic is under the leadership of Fiona Frie MD. Founded in 2017, Be CLINICAL was built upon the core principles of safety, quality, consistency, and efficacy. Our mission is to take a clinical and comprehensive approach to medical and aesthetic medicine—ensuring our patients look and feel great at any age!

Our Medical Director

Fiona Frie, MD is an internist, who is double-trained and certified, having qualified and practiced in both the UK (Anesthesiology) and in the US (Internal Medicine). Dr. Frie received her medical degree from The Royal London Hospital and St. Bartholomew’s Medical College in London. After postgraduate training in Anesthetics, she and her American-born husband moved to the US, where she completed a second residency at Kaiser Hospital in San Francisco, performing a finishing year at Albany Medical Center in Albany, New York.

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Vision Behind The Brand

The vision behind the Be CLINICAL brand originates from the science, evidence, and results-based approach that Dr. Frie and her team bring to their medical and aesthetics practice. More patients are experiencing anxiety around getting older & maintaining the perfect body—the pressure to age well is at an all time high. As the aesthetic industry continues to grow there is more confusion around what is safe, effective, and worth the investment. To that we say...don’t worry, Be CLINICAL about it!

We go where the evidence is—every treatment we offer and device we use undergoes a rigorous selection process and is either FDA approved or has been used for many years in clinical environments. Our decisions are based on safety and efficacy and what studies have been done to ensure that our patients get the best quality outcome. Every member of our Be CLINICAL staff follows strict protocols and parameters with an unmatched dedication to great patient outcomes.

Here at Be CLINICAL we focus on enhancing lives and making our patients happy by helping them reach their ideal weight or looking their best and offering the best and most effective solutions to get there. Rather than putting band-aids on problems with a quick-fix or waiting until things go wrong, we get ahead of the game with comprehensive and preventative aging/ Whether you want to “Be SCULPTED” or “Be YOUNG,” Be CLINICAL can help!


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