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Plasma Hair Loss for Men
San Ramon & San Francisco Bay Area

By a man's mid-20s to 30s, he is more likely than not to experience male pattern baldness. It's no secret that a receding hairline can have a profound impact on your looks and confidence, leading many men to search for a way to restore their youthful hairline. From temporary fixes like wigs and toupees to expensive and invasive methods like hair transplants, there are a seemingly endless number of methods to cover up or treat baldness. But what if there was a way to regrow your natural hair without medication or costly surgery? 

At Be CLINICAL we offer Plasma for male hair loss in San Ramon and the San Francisco Bay Area. Our revolutionary treatment utilizes your own platelet rich plasma to stimulate natural hair growth and restore your hairline. Book a consultation with us today to learn more about how Plasma can help regrow your hair. 

What is Plasma for Male Hair Loss?

Plasma is a substance found in your own blood. Through an intricate process of blood extraction and centrifugation, we are able to separate red blood cells from platelet rich plasma. The solution is injected directly into your scalp in areas affected by hair loss. The result is deep stimulation of the hair follicle. 

Plasma is unique in that it contains a high level of platelets that are useful in healing, cell regeneration, and hair growth. The high concentration of platelets in Plasma has been shown to prolong the growth phase of a hair cycle, resulting in baldness prevention and hair regrowth. 

The Benefits of Plasma for Male Hair Loss

No Medication or Surgery

Plasma is an in-office procedure that is minimally invasive and does not require any pharmaceutical medication or surgical intervention.

Natural Results

Plasma stimulates your natural hair growth. While wigs and toupees can cover up baldness, they can often look unnatural and feel uncomfortable.

Low Risk

Because Plasma hair loss treatment utilizes your own platelet rich plasma, the risk for an adverse reaction is very low. The procedure is safe and an ideal choice for those with medication sensitivity or allergies.

Ready To Book Your Plasma for Male Hair Loss Appointment?

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One-of-a-Kind Treatment

Be CLINICAL offers X-Cell hair restoration which goes beyond traditional PRP therapy by incorporating growth factors, cytokines, biotin, peptides, and amino acids. Our treatment provides superior results compared to Plasma treatment alone and offers the best possible natural hair regrowth for men experiencing hair loss. 

Why Choose Be CLINICAL For Male Hair Loss Treatment

At Be CLINICAL you can be confident that you will only be receiving care from highly trained medical aesthetics experts. Your satisfaction with results and your safety are our top priorities when you receive treatment with us. Our Plasma treatments for hair loss are highly customized to your unique hair loss concerns. During your consultation, you can expect a comprehensive hair loss evaluation followed by a treatment plan tailored to your desired results. 

What Type of Men's Hair Loss Can Be Treated With Plasma?

Our San Ramon & San Francisco Bay Area PRP male hair loss treatments can treat a variety of areas of concern, including…

Thinning Hair

If your once thick and voluminous hair has turned thin and lifeless, Plasma can help. Plasma has been shown to thicken the hair shaft resulting in thicker and more full hair.


Receding Hairline

If you've noticed your hairline starting to recede, Plasma can stop it from receding further and restore your hairline in just a few treatments.


Bald Patches

Baldness can occur anywhere on the scalp. Many men will suddenly find themselves with patches on the crown or sides of their head. Plasma can effectively treat bald areas and restore hair growth.


Hereditary Hair Loss

If hair loss runs in your family, Plasma can be an ideal preventative treatment to keep your hairline at its best. Regular treatments can stop likely hair loss. 


Age-Related Hair Loss

If you have noticed progressive hair loss with age, Plasma can stop the advancement of balding and improve areas where hair loss has already occurred. 


Stress-Related Hair Loss

Increased stress can impact your hair growth and even lead to hair loss. Plasma treatment can support hair regrowth efforts and stop you from losing more hair.


What is the PRP for Hair Loss Experience Like?

Your Plasma hair loss treatment at our San Ramon and San Francisco Bay area clinic will begin with a comprehensive consultation. We will evaluate the progression of your hair loss and develop a treatment plan that both treats and prevents male pattern baldness. 

At the beginning of your treatment we will draw blood from your arm. Your blood will be placed into a centrifuge that will separate the red blood cells from platelet rich plasma. Once the Plasma is prepared we will deliver a series of injections to your scalp. 

The injections are not painful and take under 30 minutes. 

What to Expect Post Treatment?

Plasma acts on the natural growth cycle of your hair and the results of treatment are gradual. Hair typically grows 1/2 an inch per month so you should start to see results within a few weeks to months of your initial treatment.

Most men will require 3 or 4 treatments to see optimal results. Once you have achieved your desired results, we recommend periodic maintenance treatments to ensure the continued growth of your hair. 

How is Plasma for Male Hair Loss Priced?

Plasma is priced per injection. While most men will require multiple treatments, we can offer you a package price based on your treatment recommendations. Be sure to check our monthly specials for deals on Plasma for male hair loss and other aesthetic and medical treatments.  

What Are The Most Common Side Effects?

Because Plasma utilizes your own blood, side effects from treatment are typically minimal and reactions to the treatment are extremely rare. If side effects present they can include tenderness at the injection site, irritation during healing, and minor bruising. Any side effects should dissipate within a few days to weeks following treatment. 


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