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Clear + Brilliant Touch
San Ramon & San Francisco Bay Area

Are you looking to target fine lines, skin texture, acne scars, and large pores in one versatile and efficient treatment? Are you hoping to achieve a youthful, glowing complexion YEAR ROUND? At Be CLINICAL, our San Ramon & San Francisco Bay Area Clear + Brilliant Touch treatments provide a gentle laser facial solution to rejuvenate dull skin with fresh, bright, and dewy skin. Schedule a consultation with our Medical Laser Providers to learn more about how we can help you reveal a clearer, brighter, and more brilliant complexion with this all-in-one laser treatment.

What is Clear + Brilliant Touch?

Clear + Brilliant Touch is the next generation of Clear + Brilliant, a gentler option than other fractional lasers on the market. It delivers a complete and customized skin rejuvenation treatment by utilizing both the Original 1440 nm and the Permea 1927 nm wavelengths in a single appointment. Also known as the “baby Fraxel,” it creates hundreds of microscopic channels in the skin and triggers the body’s wound-healing reactions.

The “Touch” combines the Original and Perméa® handpieces to target both the superficial and deeper layers of the skin. The Original laser tackles fine lines and dull skin tone, whereas the Perméa® treats sun damage and age spots. This dual-wavelength technology removes dead skin cells and boosts natural collagen production.

The result of this super gentle, ultra-effective laser is a dramatically improved appearance of the skin. It’s the pinnacle of laser treatments for people who want to maintain flawless skin year round and without downtime.

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The Benefits of Clear + Brilliant Touch

Treats ALL Skin Types

The treatment is both safe and effective in treating all skin types and tones.

Year Round Treatment

Unlike most laser treatments which will make your skin more sensitive to the sun, Clear + Brilliant Touch is safe to receive during the summer months, giving you more flexibility with treatment timelines.

Illuminates & Transforms

Get refreshed, radiant skin while eliminating sun damage, dullness, and acne scars. Erase lines and pores while achieving all-over baby soft skin.

No Downtime

Patients can easily resume their daily activities after a treatment—a quick lunch-time laser facial that fits into any schedule!

Why Choose Be CLINICAL For Clear + Brilliant Touch

Our Clear + Brilliant Touch treatments are performed by highly trained, advanced medical laser and light professionals. We offer the most advanced laser and light technologies. You can trust our team of medical experts to provide the utmost best and safe care during your Clear + Brilliant Touch treatment.



What is the Clear + Brilliant Touch Experience Like?

During your Clear + Brilliant Touch treatment at our San Ramon & San Francisco Bay Area medical spa clinic will begin with a consultation in which you and your Be CLINICAL Provider will determine your aesthetic goals. Most patients describe a sensation of heat and slight discomfort, but tolerate the treatment very well. Your provider will apply a topical anesthetic before performing the Clear + Brilliant Touch laser treatment. The procedure typically only takes about 30-45 minutes depending on the skin condition being treated. Your series of treatments will be scheduled about 3-6 weeks apart for best results.

What to Expect Post Treatment?

Patients are able to resume daily activities immediately following treatment. With any laser or light treatment, there is a chance of minor redness and swelling after treatment. Patients often leave with a flushed appearance, which resolves itself within a few hours. You’ll see noticeable improvement after a single treatment with full results after the full series of treatments. With regular maintenance treatments your skin will continue to become brighter and smoother!

How is Clear + Brilliant Touch Priced?

Clear + Brilliant Touch treatments at Be CLINICAL are charged per treatment area. Every patient is different, but to see real improvement in skin concerns a series of 4-6 treatments are required. When purchasing a series, you will receive a 20% discount or more. During a consultation, your provider will have a better idea of how many Clear + Brilliant Touch sessions will be needed to achieve the desired results.

What Are The Most Common Side Effects?

Side effects are rare and minimal and when performed by experienced medical professionals, the treatment is considered very safe. At Be CLINICAL our advanced laser and light providers are highly trained to treat any of your skin care concerns safely and effectively.


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