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San Ramon & San Francisco Bay Area

Do you have mildly lax, saggy skin or unwanted fine line skin texture on the face or body? Are you looking for the appearance of smoother, firmer, tighter skin with a more youthful tone? At Be CLINICAL, our San Ramon & San Francisco Bay Area SkinTyte treatments provide a non-invasive solution that uses infrared light energy to heat deep beneath the skin and stimulate the body’s natural collagen production, producing the appearance of firmer tissue. Schedule a consultation with our Medical Laser Providers to learn about how we can help you age gracefully while successfully tightening and firming loose skin on the face and body.

What is SkinTyte?

The SkinTyte procedure is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis. This technique targets and destroys deep tissue, without damaging surrounding tissue. SkinTyte utilizes intense pulsed light technology, which deeply heats the deep layers of the skin, while cooling the surface layer. The process initiates the body’s natural healing process to create a new collagen foundation. The fresh collagen makes the skin appear tight, plump and youthful for up to 12 months.

The Benefits of SkinTyte

Stimulate natural collagen production

The treatment is simple, precise, and proven to reliably treat common skin concerns anywhere on the body.

Improve skin texture

The increased production of collagen makes the skin texture appear tight, plump, and youthful. While results are temporary, regular maintenance treatments can help you maintain the incredible results.

Achieve results without surgery

Achieve a more youthful appearance without any cutting, stitching or bleeding.

Why Choose Be CLINICAL For SkinTyte

Our SkinTyte treatments are performed by highly trained, advanced medical laser and light professionals. We offer the most advanced laser and light technologies and specialize in BBL & SkinTyte treatment. We perform the most BBL treatments per year in the San Francisco Bay Area and utilize a unique pre and post treatment technique to achieve incredible results for our patients. You can trust our team of medical experts to provide the utmost best and safe care during your SkinTyte treatment. We also offer a medical grade numbing cream to our patients to make the experience more comfortable, while many practices do not!

Ready To Book Your SkinTyte Treatment?

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What Areas Can be Treated With SkinTyte?

Our San Ramon SkinTyte technology can be used on virtually any area of the face or body. Whether you feel like the skin on your face, neck, arms, hands, or anywhere else is more lax than you would like, SkinTyte is the solution.


Lower Face

The skin on the lower face is often the first to show the signs of age with jowls and less definition in the jawline. By utilizing SkinTyte to stimulate the body’s healing response and an increased production of collagen and elastin, we can effectively improve the laxity of the facial skin.


Neck & Chest

The skin on the chest and neck can often develop a crepe-y texture from years of side sleeping or prolonged sun exposure. SkinTyte can help to tighten and smooth the skin for improved texture and appearance.


Upper Arms

The skin on the under arms can often sag and create what is often referred to as “bat wings”. While SkinTyte cannot remove any excess skin, it can help firm and tighten the area with regular maintenance treatments.


Abdomen & Hips

Aging, pregnancy, weight fluctuations and more can cause stretching in the skin around the stomach and hips. Skintyte can be used to temporarily tighten and improve the appearance of the midsection.


Elbows, Knees, Hands & More!

Skintyte can improve loose skin virtually anywhere on the body, including difficult to treat areas above the knees and elbows and the backs of the hands.


What is the SkinTyte Experience Like?

Your SkinTyte treatment at our San Ramon & San Francisco Bay Area medical spa clinic will begin with a consultation in which you and your Be CLINICAL Provider will determine your aesthetic goals. The non-invasive procedure involves rapid bursts of light penetrating the skin, which results in a warm sensation on the treatment area. The procedure typically only takes about 30-45 minutes depending on the area being treated. Your series of treatments will be scheduled about 4 weeks apart for best results.

What to Expect Post Treatment?

Most patients are able to resume daily activities immediately following treatment. With any laser or light treatment, there is a chance of redness and swelling after treatment. Patients often leave with a flushed appearance, which resolves itself within a few hours. Dark spots, like sunspots and freckles, will grow dark and then flake off in the coming weeks. You’ll see noticeable improvement after a single treatment with full results after the full series of treatments. With regular maintenance treatments you will continue to delay signs of aging for years to come! 

How is SkinTyte Priced?

SkinTyte Treatments at Be CLINICAL are charged per treatment area. Every patient is different, but to see real improvement in skin laxity a series of 3-4 treatments are required. When purchasing a series, you will receive a 20% discount or more. During a consultation, your provider will have a better idea of how many SkinTyte sessions will be needed to achieve the desired results.

What Are The Most Common Side Effects?

Side effects are rare and minimal and when performed by experienced medical professionals, the treatment is considered very safe. At Be CLINICAL our advanced laser and light providers are highly trained to treat any of your skin care concerns safely and effectively.


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