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Halo Glow

Look as great as you feel!

Halo helps you say goodbye to signs of aging and imperfections such as:

Sun Damage

Sun Damage

Fine lines

Fine lines and Wrinkles

Uneven skin tone

Uneven skin tone or discoloration

Enlarged Pores

Enlarged Pores



   Halo Laser Treatments in San


Halo comes from Sciton, a trusted name in medical aesthetic laser and light treatment systems. With this unique fractional laser, treatment zones are microscopic yet visible results are beautifully even. It truly is the best of both worlds -- you get enhanced results from an ablative fractional laser, with shorter downtime normally seen with a non-ablative fractional laser. We call it the Halo Glow.

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The Be CLINICAL Difference

Based on your specific aesthetic goals and personal schedule, Dr. Frie will precisely tailor treatment intensity, adjusting depth and coverage area, and recommend an optimal number of treatments. For example, you may prefer one or two more intensive sessions with a few days downtime, or a series of lighter treatments with very little downtime.

Fiona Frie

Our Halo Treatments Are ALL About You

Life happens, and it can leave our facial skin looking dull and damaged. Be CLINICAL helps you turn back the clock to achieve a more youthful, vibrant appearance. You’ll be ready to wow your friends at an upcoming special event or simply please yourself when you look in the mirror.

You can expect impressive results, because we use Halo, the world’s only dual technology fractional laser. This non-surgical procedure simultaneously treats surface skin and underlying tissue, to repair damage you can see -- and also deeper damage you cannot see.

Why Wait Any Longer?

Schedule your private consultation with Dr. Frie right now, and get ready to look as great as you feel. Through personal conversation and using the latest skin analysis technology, Dr. Frie will partner with you to create your individual skin rejuvenation plan.

What better way to introduce yourself to the Be CLINICAL Difference and treat yourself to younger-looking, more radiant skin!

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