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Jawline Contouring
San Ramon & San Francisco Bay Area

The jawline is one of the top areas of concern for patients. An undefined jawline can be the result of genetics, excess fat, loose skin, bone structure, or other factors and it can keep you from looking your best. The good news is, most patients can achieve the definition they are looking for without surgical intervention and with little to no downtime.

Before you consider surgery, see what your options are when it comes to jawline contouring. Whether you are looking for a more chiseled look or need to lose extra fat around the chin, there are nonsurgical interventions that can leave you with profound results. 

At Be CLINICAL we offer nonsurgical jawline contouring with long-lasting dermal fillers and Kybella. These injectable treatments allow us to treat some of the main causes of loss of definition around the jawline without resorting to surgery.

A beautiful jawline is one of the most defining features of some of the most iconic figures of beauty. Our expert practitioners work with your facial anatomy to create beautiful symmetry and definition by enhancing your best features:

The Chin: Fillers can add volume to the chin to add more balance, symmetry, and defenition to one's profile.
Jawline: Many patients lack a defined bone structure and can benefit from fillers injected into the jawline.
Submental Fullness: Excess fat under the chin can make you look older or heavier than you really are and hide your jawline. KYBELLA can reduce the dreaded "double-chin". 


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Why Choose Be CLINICAL for Jawline Contouring

Simply put, getting filler requires a high level of expertise in injectables. Filler must be carefully placed and a strong expertise of facial and bone structure is required in order to deliver the filler in the perfect area.


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